Women (and Women Respecting Men) cannot protect their their Familyes~and~Communityes, their Human Rights including Economic Rights, Peace, or the Earth Environment and Future in the Universe, without TRUE AND FULL REPRESENTATION OF BOTH WOMEN AND MEN IN OFFICE in Every Land, State, City, Town, Village, Neighborhood, Economic Institution and Media throughout the Planet:

Click Here On The Biggest Issue and see below a background of facts that you copy, disseminate, and can use to incorporate in your own letters and posts to media, blogs and share with your familycommunity, near and far, to stop gender imbalanced, costly and dangerous pseudoelections, and bring forth a new True Government for this and all national regions of our shared Planet Earth. New: We have recently added information about the increasing number of wise voices calling for a Boycott of the 2012 election. See below. New! The Ark now has some media of its own: a live Radio Show where you can call in to listen and talk about gender balance in local, national, global and corporate government and media. It's Wednesdays at 5 pm est Just dial 646-478-4490 to listen to and join the show, and we will soon be expanding to other venues, as well.

Update: On July 4th in what much of the world calls the year 2012 and people around the world call many other years, we the women and fair men of the world Declared the Official Beginning of the end of Patriarchy by The Universall REvolutionary Declarations of Gender Interdependence for Gender Balanced Government and All World Culture, including Media and Internet, announced briefly at the Offices of Big Brother Media in Washington DC and in a longer statement made available via the Internet, made at the same time as a reading in Philadelphia. You can listen to all the Declarations at You can also read the Declarations at:
and one to help the Occupy Movement really fulfill its goals at

The Declarations are now also available at UTube, in a 8 Part Video:
and the Declaration Of By and For Women is also available at:

Our work has the Deepest and Highest Spiritual and Religious Foundation. This is not only a 200+ years R-evolution, but a 5,000 years Re-evolution out of Patriarchy into Gender Balance, On July 11 (7-11) we Delivered the 15 Commandments for a New Millennium, that would have been given by familycommunity in ancient days, if Moses had been accompanied in equal coleadership by his Sister Miriam (actually Mariam) and wife Zipporah, as well as his brother Aaron, in non-hierarchical gender balance. We first Delivered them on a live radio broadcast, and then uploaded them to UTube. We speak with genealogical authority about this. We (and actually, so are You) know we are genealogically related to the interconnected families of Miriam/Mariam, Mary/Mariam of Nazareth, and Mary/Mariam Magdalen, among others, and go even further back, to Naamah and Noah, and further back to the Hindu GoddessGod tradition and ancient Chinese yin yang traditions, that balance the Feminine and Masculine aspects of Universe, going back to ancient days and the beginning of the world. The Commandments, now also become Awarenesses and Understanding because so much of humanity understands them, unify all traditions, and are on this website at Our Declarations and Commandmentsz include as responsibility of true enlightened citizenship/coleadership to know the maiden names of at least three generations back of women, intergenerational sisters in time, on your family tree, and the names of their sisters, as well as the names of the men on the family tree, redeemed as brothers, by counting the full uncreditted work of these women, and remembering them as if their wisdom had received full representation in the governments of their time, and then imagining this back for all your known branches of family, back to antiquity, (We have special remembrance of this about our own family athttp://inallherandhisnamesz/hatcrownhalo.htm

A videotape of these Commandments and explanation of why they are necessary, and Blessing, retroactive to the year 2000, the Beginning of the New Millennium, are available at:

All the Above Declare Gender Parity/5050 Gender Balance in Decision-Making (i.e. in government and communications/media, and economics, specifically the counting of the value of unpaid as well s paid work, and the Value of Peace and Mother Nature) as Divinely Endowed Inalienable Human Rights

And you can also hear the sound of the Sacred Pots and Pans protest and pans-4.wavwe at the CBS offices in Washington DC, calling down all Big Brother Media CEOatollahs like CBS Leslie Moonves (see more about him and others, listed below) to resign (unless he and they immediately cover the censored news and now R-evolution, to Gender Fair Government, Gender Fair Media and Free, Real Elections.) The Re-evolution must start with the Media, the Fourth Branch of Government, that affects the other Three Branches, that now, due to cumulative gender imbalance, are All Imminently Threatening All the Branches and the very Trunk of the Tree of Love and Life on Planet Earth. We ask that all women and fair men hold and upload similar Sacred Pots and Pans protests in their local communities of this interconnected Planet, and call the offices of Media, especially TV and Radio, at their headquarters (see below) and in their local stations, make the sound of pots and pans being beaten over the phone, say that famous line from the movie Network, "I'm fed up and I won't take it anymore", and say, "In the name of the MotherFatherGoddessGod Almighty who created this Earth and All Living Planets Earth has a right to connect with, and doesn't want it destroyed by your lies and half-truths, we demand the media to report on the news of gender balanced free elections that have been occurring all over the planet for 20 years, that you have been censoring, and we call for the resignation of your CEO unless he personally apologizes for the failure to do so."

A reading of all the world national regions which shall be transformed to gender balance, starting with the retroactive voiding of US elections since 2000, and also voidng Egyptain, Israeli, French National level (cities have 5050), Russian, Greek, Indian National (Panchayat Villages have 5050), England, Canada and others is at:

Pictures of the Sacred Pots and Pans Protest, which as in Iceland and most Revolutions and Evolutions, started with just one person, are below. We will soon be uploading pictures of spiritually fallen Brother Moonves and the other CEOatollahs listed below as well, so you can identify the faces of Big Brother, and hold them accountable for their 20 years long sins of omission on gender balance and government. The media office of Moonves' patriarchal hierarchy is at 2020 M Street. Only if the US and other governments produce the 5050 that should be retroactive to the Millennial Year 2000, and redo and postpone elections that fail to offer gender 5050 will humanity still be around in 2020 in a peaceful, sustainable world. If not, we on Earth will all be dead from the mistake by the year 2020, or at best, have 2020 hindsight that is too late to stop the cascading avalanche of catastrophes, that our lack of 2020 foresight in the years 2000, 2004, 2008, let alone 2012, without gender 50-50 in the world's most influential country and all countries, have caused. Instead, be the Media until we can take back the Media, and send Arks Declarations and Files to every corner of the US and the entire Earth.

The ArkEarthinBalance Website was first made in 2001, six years after the UN Beijing Platform for Women. Since then, much more has appeared on the Internet on this topic, but it has remained horrifically unreported and undiscussed by major media both female and male. many who appear ignorant about its primary importance to every nation. every village, and the Whole Planet. Many women (and men) in media are themselves totally unaware of the US total failure, compared to many other literate countries, to represent women in political and media office. They are depending on Wire Services, like Reuters, and UPI and AP, but these services are apparently not reporting this news and haven't been for many years. It is up to the concerned public to get the world out. See below for a list of media oriented websites and contacts that you should urgently contact, (especially Oprah Winfrey , Gloria Steinem, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, Geena Davis and other prominent women tell them to dare and be courageous enough to spend a full week on this 20 year-censored issue, and keep track of it on every broadcast and webblog until the tv, print, radio, and internet news media feeds put it as the headline on their websites and keep it there, and until politicians, civil society organizations, and corporate media deal with this story. If this story is not reported now, the media will be reporting on "elections" that cause the destruction of the planet, instead of the saving and sustaining of it that would happen by mobilizing the now necessary full representation of women, who studies have shown, are generally, less corrupt, and more concerned about and the environment and peace than men without women's full represented presence. See below for other Actions you can do to make sure the story is covered NOW, too, including the Oprah Project , helping Oprah (and many other famous women, see links below) to dedicate her OWN network to covering the issue until the US reaches gender 50-50, and holding pots and pans/cacerolazo protests and vigils outside of the medio offices of the Biggest Patriarchal Misogynist and Anti-Democracy Media CEOs who are listed below with some of their media office addresses.


It shocking, dangerous to all generations and the world, and unacceptable that the influential US corporate-patriarch-controlled media (especially television and radio), the "fourth branch of government" that the people, both female and male, must be able to access and rely on to learn about the functioning of the other three branches compared to other governments around the world, is still and has been for 17 years at least, censoring and failing to cover the story that the so-called recent elections and election upcoming have been dangerously failing women and fair men thus, real democracy itself and the world environment, because the major US parties have not followed the voluntary examples of many countries and parties of the rest of the world putting democracy-sufficient numbers of women on the tickets in free publically funded elections. Unless immediate exposure and warning is exerted now, to have this issue exposed and dealt with before and head on at party conventions, it will leave the US ranked 78th in the world (92nd if you count ties), with less women in office than Afghanistan and Iraq have, and about tied with a very corrupt and backward country, Turkmenistan in representation of women and once again not meeting the 1995 UN Beijing Platform for women's minimum of 30% women in office by 2000, to protect democracy and the environment At the present rate, even if it is even maintained, it will take 70 years to reach equality, and imagine what further inroads against women's rights and environmental disasters and wars will happen without it, almost immediately, and long before then. The US lag has been misleading the rest of the world in the wrong direction, and hampering the peace-making gender balance efforts of the United Nations and Interparliamentary Union.

We encourage everyone to urgently, immediately and passionately act to tell the story and recruit other journalists, both women and fair men, to cover the especially important national, and (still in many places) world emergency that exists concerning this world-trend-impacting "election", the fact that leading and deeply concerned women as well as men are planning to boycott it and, which also highlights the boycott of woman's and democracy activist Naadal el Saadawi , who was followed by millions, about half of Egyptians, women and men, who boycotted the recent election in Egypt, that offered a �choice� between two evils, rather than a true choice, without true representation, particularly for women. Another Egyptian, a man, lamented the lack of Bothiana Kamel, a woman who tried to run but received no major party support, as a choice for President, in his reason for boycotting We must learn from those who boycotted in Egypt, and in the US, and this time, make it a far fuller boycott of the 51% of the American people who are female, and the largest percentage of the 49% men, who realize the government with equal representation of women in fair free elections that protect women�s rights more securely, protects the environment, and protects the 99%. indeed, the 100%, against the hierarchical sociopathic destructive "decisions" of the most patriarchal 1% that has has been destroying this region, and more, of the world. Election boycotts were successfully used in ending apartheid in South Africa It is ironic that black history should be used to confront Barack Obama, but many observers feel Obama-Biden and the Democratic Party has not helped both women, people of color and working middle and lower class people enough in his position in a party which at the top level of leadership, many feel, is Patriarchal Corporate Dempublican. The gender-imbalanced Obama-Biden ticket is also receiving opposition from other traditional friends, labor, and Occupy Wallstreet

Even if "Obama wins", he will likely actually lose, as Republicans are likely to retake the Senate, and many other official offices, just as with the help of money over people, just as Walker held on in Wisconsin"> This means that erosion and assault on women's rights, labor, the environment and peace will continue, even if "Obama wins". There is no point for women, or fair men, to continue to legitmize a pseudoelection in such a self-defeating strategy. Endorsement of Obama will not protect them from mysogynist Republicans and Corporations, who will successfully attack them at every jurisdictional level. The only hope for women, and for democracy is to boycott and help others to boycott the pseudoelection, engage in pots and pans protests on a large scale at media offices for failing to cover the many examples of success of gender balance and public funding in elections and economics in many countries and communities in the world that has let the election process failure continue this far, hold strikes, and bring business as usual to a halt in the US, the socalled leader of the free world (but at a rank of 92 for women) until it achieves election reforms that Sweden has had since the 1980s, and are necessary now to prevent planetary environmental and economic collapse for billions of people.

A recent study showed that media spends only 6% of its time on women's equality <, and far less than even that, virtually at zero, on women's full representation in office. The US media (and most politicians)are failing to cover how many millions of Americans, would prefer Hillary Clinton (although she may be too tied in with the male dominated corporacy that her husband secretly helps to fully stand up for herself or women) or, perhaps even better, MANY OTHER prominent Democratic or well known pro-democracy woman, over Joe Biden as VP and a ticket of Obama and Clinton (if she is able to get her act together to stand up for 5050) or ANY woman if polled, and why there are no polls on this, and its urgent importance to the likelihood of the continued Blessings of the Almighty (who is not a sexist and is both Mother and Father to us all and wants to see humanity get beyond patriarchy and ascend to gender partnership) and an Obama real win, assuming the Democrats are not planning to just roll over as they did when they pretended George Bush and Dick Cheney were "elected". The US media and politicians failed to cover the 1995 Beijing Conference Platform which called for a minimum critical mass for democracy of 30% women in all countries by 2000 acgd/beijingplus15/documents/15YearReviewofBPfA.pdf, failed to cover the leadership of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi in bringing women's representation to India via the Panchayat Raj which already serves hundreds of millions with 5050 gender balance now, and the Women's Representation Bill still in committee in India, they failed to cover gender parite that brought 50-50 to every city in France brought about by Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and his wife Sylvia Agacinski, but is being dangerously only partially heeded by the French public, in part because Americans and banks/corporations ignored Lionel Jospin and Sylvia Agacinski. (Email Occupy Paris, Francois Hollande and Martine Aubry to be sure Aubry is made a Partner Prime Minister to Holland, to make a government that includes Martine Aubry, Christiane Taubira Eva Joly, Natalie Arthaud and other progressive candidates and tell them to call for gender balanced results in the June legislative election. (Note; The French Socialist Party did achieve gender 50-50 on its tickets. The only step needed is to bring a woman back to the Prime Minister's office, and let her be a full partner to the President, and rehold the legislative election with this important and consciousness altering change in place. see

The US (and similar corporate and male-dominated/female coopting media in other countries) television and radio media failed to cover the gender 50-50 in Wales National Assembly brought about by Senator Julie Morgan and her husband Prime Minister Rhodri Morgan, they have failed to cover the one women for every man ballots of the Nordic countries since the 1970's and their recent 40% requirement for women on corporate boards, the European Parliament, under EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and others, are already undertaking to attain 5050 in corporations, Europe, many of which have caps and much lower ratios on CEO to average people's salaries (In Germany it is $650,000) than the US. Tell the corporate media have failed to tell all the parties in Europe and worldwide that use voluntary standards and and the success of several African countries and Belgium, the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Spain and others in getting gender balance. They are not letting America know how far behind the rest of the literate world America has become, and how truly dangerous to democracy and the environment this is. They are failing to cover the 50-50 campaigns in England and Europe American women (and fair men) are being kept in the dark by the major media and both political parties.

American women and men are working to overcome this. and and Riane Eisler and David Loye of the Center for Partnership Studies but way too slowly, because the major media and too many politicians (and organizations) have been so silent about this silent national and world emergency, even 'though there is a lot about it on the Internet: The Occupy Movement Convention and Gathering in July called for gender balance, but there has been so little media coverage of this critical aspect for any community, (local, national or global) decision-making, few women knew of it in time to become delegates. Nevertheless, it serves as a beckon call for a new gender balanced Constitutional Convention in 2013, gender parity in representation for women at all levels of government, public funding of elections a critical factor for women, and and many other changes that were Declared (see above and but not fully disseminated at the Occupy Movement's various efforts in July, but prepares for real elections in 2013

The media and politicians failed to cover the issue that is at the heart of everything for women, men and families, that of family leave, and the balance of love and work, compared to other countries, and don;t report on information such as these: Family Leave Policy In th US and other nations clearinghouse., Comparison Table of Family Leave Policies around the world. Table on Family Leave Benefits in various countries., Moms Rising On Family Leave, An international assessment of family leave legislation, and Nordic family leave including fathers. You can read more about this at

The US corporate media is still reporting economic news in such a way that continues a primitive patriarchal approach to economics, using the GDP instead of the more appropriate Genuine Progress Indicator, can be even better improved to measure gender balance in political representation and includes the counting of unpaid family and community work, most of which is done by women, and the valuation of stewardship of environmental resources. The media's lack of gender balanced reporting on economics will cause a worldwide economic collapse that is simultaneous with environmental degradation and catastrophe. You can read more about gender balance in economics at and the sustainable future Earth could be having now as a Universal Planet , with gender balanced paradigms in economics at href="">

The silent ignorant complicity of most women journalists (and many politicians and too many organizations) in allowing the US to fall to the rank of 71/92 with Turkmenistan, and to continue to fail to have women in the Chief Executive, without blowing the whistle long ago is a testament to the power of patriarchy on women and just how easily many women still try to fit into a man's world, and the silence of men the complicit silence of imbedded, habitual world-destroying hierarchy. Women journalists like Keli Goff's rant on the Dylan Ratigan show, need to insist on each other to catch up on globally responsible homework on this without blaming women voters, , who have been kept in the dark, and their is the Huffington Post, which has posted posts by Biance Jagger who said quite clearly that trying to achieve results gradually was a mistake and that "We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution", Marie Wilson and Soraya Chemaly immediately enlist sympathetic men like Thom Hartmann and (start the video at timer point 53.42), who also reported on Archbishop Desmond Tutu's call for a revolution led and coled by women, Chris Hayes http://www., Chris Janssing and Richard Lu and men like Robert Reich, Bill Keller , Bob Woodward and Chris Matthews, who clearly wanted Hillary Clinton, Carol Mosely Braun or ANY Democratic woman to be Vice President. But even these reports are few and very far between the usual legimitizing of a pseudoelection that their corporate bosses are making so much false wealth on. Urgently help them realize that much more, in fact, 5050 in free fair elections, is overdue, shame and expose the patriarchal habits and control being exerted on other journalists, politicians, and apparently too many self-defeating organizations, for not telling or investigating this whole story in any depth for years, especially the specifics on how other countries and jurisdictions gained 5050 and close to it already, and still not warning of the immanent environmental and social disaster by not telling now on their every report or webblog on both parties and the upcoming "election", the decision of many Americans to boycott it, and start real coverage of the issue of women's representation and real democracy, and protecting earth, and the economy (which will go into another depression without gender balance economics) in the US and world.

Wasn't the earthquake damage to the Washington Monument enough of Nature/God's warning against continued patriarchy instead of gender balance in office and decision-making? Or do we, in our gross gender imbalance, need to tempt Mother Nature and non-sexist Father Time to an earthquake the size of which struck Japan, (another still patriarchal and therefore very vulnerable, undemocratic society for women and fair men, or another tsunami that will further knock the planet off its life-sustaining balance and, and firey infernos of chemical pollution of groundwater from the Keystone Pipeline, which is now favored by both major parties, or worst of all, disturbing the Yellowstone Supervolcano, to get Mother Nature's and non-sexist Father-Times' message that we long ago needed women at all levels of office, including the Chief Exectuive (and men who know the value of their presence) in office to protect the environment And what about the new nuclear proliferation in gender imbalanced countries like North Korea and Iran you really think Obama without a Woman, with Biden instead of a woman, on a gender balanced tickets in 2012, let alone Romney-Ryan, (and let alone pointlessly waiting until 2016), can set a proper example and protect us from the ultimate messages to humanity about the error of its patriarchal-instead-of-partnership war culture ways, of the non-sexist MotherFatherGod? The soy and corn crops and bees, which so much of food and nature relies on for pollination, are already failing due to a combination of man-made, Congressionally lobbied oil instead of wind and solar energy policy, and genetic engineering of crops. The Mayans may be right; the period just before December 22, 2012 may be our last chance to choose between Feminine/Masculine Balance on Earth, or the final tortuous Beginning of the End Cycle of the Planet Earth WAKE UP! This is all truly at stake in the coming months and upcoming Democratic Convention, all Party conventions, and upcoming, thus far as planned, gender imbalanced earth-endangering pseudoelection in the US. This, and many elections on earth will have to be reheld in 2013 as emergency antidotes to the damage done by accepting gender imbalance in office and economic paradigms for too long.

This problem has been going on for years. It is urgently planet-endangering, truly spiritually dangerously overdue time to blow the whistle on this. A gender imbalanced Supreme Court, picked by gender imbalanced Presidents's and Congresses, gave us Citizens' United that has turned the American election into an auction for environment and Internet endangering gender imbalanced corporations, and this is only the patriarchal ultimate coup d'grat after the needlessly expensive, non-publically financed, winner take all instead of proportional 2000, 2004, and 2008 election debacles which all fed the coffers of the corporate media under their dangerously outmoded wealth paradigm, and produced gender imbalanced tickets in major parties in the US, in ignorance of the principles of the ARKEarthinBalance. You can urgently refer to for information about gender balance around the world and gender balance paradigms for media, and government (there is already a gender balance amendment for the US, to catch up with many countries that have gender balance clauses in their Constitutions) and gender balanced paradigms for earth-sustainable equitable economics and Genuine Progress Indicators that count all women's as well as men's labors (instead of all the Earth dying with the patriarchal 1% "on top" pseudoelections and bankster-money corporate paradigms). Watch for another emergency outreach, that you can help, to specific women and men in media from on the Ark, coming soon.

Update: The Ark now offers this list of media contact websites for you to contact, and demand that this issue be covered in depth. Here is the starter list, which you can urgently contact to tell them: to cover and exhort all journalists to cover the tragedy to democracy, economy and environment, that is being caused by the lack of women and gender balance in the US government and corporate decision-making, and continued in the upcoming planned pseudoelection. Please feel free to copy the above in your letters and posts and comments to media, websites and bloggers and politicians.

The Ark now offers a Radio Show, where you can call in to talk about gender balanced representation in the US and around the world in at all levels of government, including the management and editorial content of media. It's every Wednesday at 5PM EST. Just Call in 646-478-4490 and Join the Show.

Thom Hartmann
Telephone: +27 (21) 443 6760
Facsimile: +27 (21) 443 6768
General email: (start the videotape counter at 53.42).
Start counter at 53:47.
Rant Line at 202 536-5306
Tell Thom he has made a good start on this issue, but more is needed, and it needs to be integrated with his comments about what looks like an already failed "election" planned for November, (unless Democrats urgently add a critical mass of women and commit to 50%).
Bianca Jagger Foundation for Human Rights
We Must Declare a Non-Violent Revolution
Posted: 03/11/11 02:46 PM ET
" Thank and tell Soraya to contact Arianna personally and get her moving on this issue
Marie Wilson knows the facts; she needs to be encouraged to dare to see the election cancelled if the Dems don't quickly put a critical mass of women, and a woman VP, on their ticket. Contact Her at:
The White House Project
P: 212.709.4450
F: 718.852.6033
Based in Canada. Cites studies about the abysmal facts on the lack of coverage of women's representation in the media.
"What women suffer, then, is more insidious than invisibility. It is deliberate erasure."
Big Brother may already be censoring this important website; the link connection has suddently not been working properly but it may rise again. Keep trying. A great beginning. But search reveals that NOW actually offers little in the way of a banner headline/Hot Topic on its website on the need to cover the issue of women's 78th ranked underepresentation in the US government compared to other countries' successes, and that this fall while others were succeeding was not covered by the media for the past 20 years.
In 2008, Now led many other women's organizations in a letter to then President Elect Obama and then Vice-President (and that should have been a woman; why didn;t Now stand up for a woman VP in 2008?) Biden that makes reference to the mere 16% women in Congress, and the US low rank compared to other countries. But instead of demanding that the Democratic Party (and all parties, in fact) voluntarily adopt a 50-50 presence of both genders on ticket, and pressing for coverage of the issue on the Internet and media, Now settled for recommending a Cabinet office on women, which never was funded and only partially realized. Now must acknowledge that if failed to push with the vigor that similar organizations in other countries pushed for 50-50 on tickets.
Similarly, Now has argued for women and minority ownership of media before the FCC. The FCC is chaired by a man, has 3 men and 2 women, and all were appointed by male presidents and confirmed by an 83% male Senate. On the FCC's "watch", media has grown more consolidated into just a few male-CEO companies' hands, who censored reporting on women's representation for almost 20 years, and kept silent about many UN, European and other initiatives to mainstream women into government. As a result, male dominated corporations are now stealthily coopting the UN and , and strangle its initiatives for women. This is what happens when Now becomes Later on representation, and focuses on reproductive rights without focussing on gender representative fair elections that would have kept corporate money from destroying democracy.
Tell President Terry O'Neill and former President Kim Gandy and all members of Now to admit their profound mistake of pretending women's progress could be sustained under mostly male government, and get (belatedly) vocal and on camera about full 50-50 representation for women and presence on tickets now, before the major Parties hold their conventions and pretend to legitimize an "election" with too few women on the tickets to be functional democracy.
Mailing address: 1100 H St NW, 3rd floor, Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone Number: (202) 628-8NOW (8669)
Fax Number: (202) 785-8576
E-mail Address: or use our comments page.
National NOW Conference
With Eve Ensler as keynote speaker and Sandra Fluke honored as a �Woman of Courage,�
Fri Jun 29 � Sun Jul 1, 2012
Where Baltimore Once again, the speaker and agenda focus is on preventing women's victimization and reproductive rights defensively, while implicitly accepting a corrupt election system that produces mostly men as the decision-makers. There is nothing on the agenda about transforming elections to bring about the 50-50 that other countries have or are near. For Immediate Release Contact: Latoya Veal w. 202-628-8669, ext. 116, c. 301-660-3447 If it keeps up this way, this coopted organization should change its name from Now to Maybe Later, or Never. It is time to confront Now, the flagship organization for women in the United States, on its abysmal failure thus far and duty now, to protect the right that protects all other rights (from reproductive rights to extended paid family leave to protection of the environment and peace) - the right to full representation for women (and men who want them there) instead of a rank of 78th in the world in representation for women. Contact Now through its chapters, listed at
Jennifer Pozner, Director
Really good list of groups working in this area
Phone: 347-564-5190
Jennifer Pozner has done excellent work exposing media bias against women. But she needs to be called upon to speak specifically to the low representation of women in the US Compared to many other countries, and use her networks to get journalists, women and men, to cover the issue in depth.
Only 13% of stories focused specifically on women and 6% on issues of gender equality or inequality.
The Status of Women in US Media 2012
Everyone must urge cofounders Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan to make a public statement as a banner on their website, and to schedule media appearances, about the US being ranked 78th in the world in representation for women, and not meeting the 1995 UN Platform for Action minimum of 30% by 2000, and that the fact that the November election should be boycotted and declared unfit for the American people, unless this is rectified, especially in the Democratic Party at its party Convention. Marie Wilson of the WhiteHouse Project made this statement to Christiane Amanpour from CNN (see below), and Steinem and Morgan must be urged to use their fame to address this issue loud and clear in all possible venues now)
Article based on this webpage material.
Click on a chapter and contacts come up.
Only 6% of news stories deal with women's equality/inequality, and other findings. A good report, but can be a jumping off point for discussion of the US media's particular failure to report the many success stories on women's representation around the world, world rankings, and US low ranking WACC
308 Main Street
M4C 4X7
Tel: +1 416-691-1999
Fax: +1 416-691-1997
Off The Dial:Female and Minority Radio Station Ownershipin the United States
How FCC Policy and Media Consolidation Diminished Diversity on the Public Airwaves
The chart on who owns the media has disappeared! Massachusetts Office:
40 Main St., Suite 301
Florence, MA 01062
Ph 877.888.1533
Fax 413.585.8904
Washington Office:
1025 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1110
Washington, D.C. 20036
Ph 202.265.1490
Fax 202.265.1489
Let this organization know that the best way to take back the media and Internet from Big Brother is to empower women, who in critical mass number with men who want their full presence, protect ethics.
Silenced: The Gender Gap in 2012 Election Coverage
Shows that men are quoted far more than women, even when the topic is women's rights! But article accepts the premise that this is an acceptable election, and makes no mention of media's 20 year invisibilizing of gender representation progress that occurred around the world while the US was stagnating and falling. Let them know the two silencings are linked. Has a pop-up window for Contact
Julie Hollar
Janine Jackson

Peter Hart
Janine Jackson (
Steve Rendall (
New Media�but Familiar Lack of Diversity
Women's Desk
130 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA
Tel: +1 212 633 6700. Fax: +1 212 727 7668.
Has list of media to contact.
The Feminist Mind Magazine
WBAI Free Speech Pacifica Radio in New York
Main Switchboard (212) 209 - 2800 Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM ; closed from 1 PM - 2PM
Call-In Shows (212) 209 - 2900
Fran Luck
Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, between 9 and 10 PM. We cover the ongoing worldwide struggle of women for full equality and human rights. You can contact us at or leave a phone message at (212) 209-2987. You can �tweet� us at and visit our NEW BLOG @
Jennifer Pozner's Fictional CEO, Mya Cash, and the FCC
Radio Internacional Feminista/Feminist International
Radio Endeavour FIRE
Apartado Postal/P.O. Box: 239-6100 Costa Rica
Tel�fonos/Phones: (506) 22491319, 22493863
Mar�a Su�rez Toro
Twitter: radiofeminista
Dr. Martha M. Lauzen
Executive Director, Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego,CA 92182
(619) 594-6301

Jonathan Lawson at 206.931.0565.
Conference is in April 2013. A lot can happen between then and now!
Corine Van Hellemont at
Currently has nothing about the need for women' journalists to cover representation for women in the US and worldwide. Give them a hint! 3701 Drakeshire Drive
Modesto, CA 95356
Phone: (510) 764-1877
FAX: (510) 764-1122
International Women's Media Foundation
nternational Women's Media Foundation
1625 K Street NW, Suite 1275
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202 496 1992
Editorial Staff
Executive Editor Katherine Spillar
Managing Editor Michel Cicero
Senior Editor Michele Kort
Guest Editor Mary Ellen Strote
Global Editor Robin Morgan
Associate Editor Jessica Stite
s Consulting Editor Gloria Steinem
Money Editor Martha Burk
Liberty Media for Women, LLC, which is wholly owned by
the Feminist Majority Foundation
Publisher Eleanor Smeal
Founding Editors Patricia Carbine, Joanne Edgar, Nina Finkelstein, Mary Peacock, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Gloria Steinem
Advisory Board
Justine Andronici, Linda Basch, Ph.D., Kathy Bonk, Martha Burk, Ph.D., Gaylynn Burroughs, Nohelia Canales, Helen Cho, Ina Coleman, Abigail Disney, Kim Gandy, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Ph.D., Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Dolores Huerta, Lisa Lee, Ph.D., Camryn Manheim, Rielle Montague, Kathy Najimy, Amy Richards, Alix Ritchie, Lorraine Sheinberg, Eleanor Smeal, Jane E. Smith, Ed.D., Katherine Spillar, Ronnie Steinberg, Ph.D., Gloria Steinem, Jenny Warburg, Evelyn White, Jacqueline Woods, Peg Yorkin, Helen Zia
All these illustrious women should be making loud public statements that the current 16% women instead of 50-50, an issue hardly covered in the press, is unacceptable and intolerable, and must be changed prior to any "election". Email Ms. Magazine and tell then they need to put the matter to easy attention with an eyecatching permanent banner on the website. and make videos and audios about the issue as well, until 50-50 is achieved as it has been in other countries.
Box 95090,
Vancouver BC V5T 4T8,
Phone Numbers:
Executive Producer Frieda Werden Directory of Women's Media
Martha Leslie Allen, Editor
Directory of Women's Media
Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press
Washington, DC!
Amy Goodman. Tell her the facts on women's underepresentation in the US compared to other countries, and tell her to do as many shows on it as she can
Free Speech Radio News
FSRN's Producers can be reached at: producers[at] FSRN's Headlines Editors can be reached at: headlines[at] comments[at] CALL US: 1-303-542-4813
GRITtv with Laura Flanders
PO Box 1565 Canal St. Station
New York, NY 10013
Or call us at: 212-343-3090
Write to Laura at
Jane Hamsher Tell Jane to cover this issue in depth in her TV appearances and blog
Press Queries� using the form below, or call us at (415) 321-1700.
Mailing Address: 33 Irving Place New York, New York 10003
Telephone: 212-209-5400 (voice), 212-982-9000 (fax)
Ediitor Katrina Vanden Heuvel Katrina has yet to speak out about the severe underrepresentation of women in the US, and how dangerous the upcoming election is for the US and the world if enough women are not added pdq to the tickets
415-503-4170 409 E. Main, Madison WI 53703 (608) 257-4626 (800) 827-0555 Barbara Ehrenreich is on staff.
Executive Director: Maya Schenwar
Managing Editor: Victoria Harper
Phone 206/842-0216 � fax 206/842-5208 � toll-free 1-800/937-4451
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Send news tips about conservative misinformation to Media Matters here:, 510-698-3800, x401,, and 510-698-3800 x408., 510-698-3800 x403
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Project Censored Media Freedom Foundation P.O. Box 571 Cotati, CA 94931 Telephone: (707) 874-2695 .
Vital Voices Global Partnership 1625 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, D.C. 20036 Tel. 202.861.2625 general inquiries to
Association for Women Journalists Association for Women Journalists PO Box 2199 Fort Worth, Texas 76113 Jessamy Brown 817-685-3876
European Journalism Centre The Netherlands Tel. : +31 43 325 40 30 Fax : +32 2 400 42 20 E-mail: info[at]
Agence France Presse. They covered the sit-ins for India's Women's Reservation Bill while the US media services censored news about them.

And finally, the Ark encourages immediate outreach to these highly visible women in media to focus their efforts on indepth catch-cup coverage of the censored issue of women's full representation in government and media:

"The Oprah Project"
Ark is seeking 25-50 women (and pro-women men) to contact, via the web and telephone, and Help Oprah Winfrey quit fawning over Obama, who still needs to bring gender balance to his ticket instead of Biden if the Democrats are to not lose to Romney, and Cory Booker, as the only Presidential Candidates who interest her, even though they are without women VP partners, and focus her network coverage on underrepresentation of women in government in the US, compared to South Africa, Rwanda, Europe and around the world. Put direct and extreme pressure on her to do so. She is one of the richest and most famous women in the world. She can and must afford to put her full energy into this NOW. Tell her it is long overdue, and necessary immediately to save the Planet.
Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and others
These ladies have been asleep at the wheel on the importance of full numbers of women in government end media decision-making. Tell them to cover the issue in depth from now on for a full month, and not stop covering it in every episode, until the government and media admit what has been going on, and belatedly bring 50-50 to US government., so address Whoopi in you email to Barbara. We couldn't find any contact information for Whoopi Goldberg. If you can, let us know.

Tell Geena Davis to contact Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell (and urge Tom Hanks)and together add the powerful voices of "Thelma and Louise" and all the characters of "A League of OUr Own" to the call for immediate representation of women in the US to catch up with other countries, and coverage of the lag, compared to other countries, in depth. To quote character Louise Sawyer: "You get what you settle for."
Rachel Maddow is busily covering a totally broken election system without focusing on the critical issue, the lack of women compared to many other courntres. Tell her her perfoirmace on election coverage is lacking is missing the forest for the trees, and to do a huge series on the issue, and help/insist that other women at MSNBC, like Andrea Mitchell, Alex Wagner, Tamron Hall, and other women to stop letting themselves be used to cover up for the "powerful" men media CEO and Editor Big Brothers who have been censoring the coverage of women's representation issues since 1995
has comment section
You can also reach Rachel Maddow via her Partner Susan Mikula
Tell Rachel to contact Jennifer Sizemore - General Manager & Editor-In-Chief, and get her network to stop everything about the election until it covers this issue in depth.
March 27, 2012
Chris Jansing and Richard Lu talk about the underrepresentation of women in the US without any mention of how far behind the US is compared to other countries, and how these countries accomplished the change. Tell them they can and must do better, and stay on the topic until the change happens here. Christiane Amanpour had Marie Wilson on for a few minutes, and she surfaced the fact that the US has fallen so low in rank and representation for women. Tell Christiane that 30 seconds of coverage on this statistic,is totally insufficient to its importance, and demand that she and many others invite Marie Wilson and others again, do full series on it, including the 20 years of censored news about how all the countries where representation of women is much higher accomplished their change.

The corporate media, with its male patriarch CEO earning 700-nearly 2500 times the average worker's (let alone the unpaid mother's salary, is almost sadistic when they do cover this topic, After almost 20 years of censorship, they (at best, so far) give a moment to say how bad things are, as if to further depress women, and give no information about how much better it is in other countries compared to the US and how they accomplished the change. They report on the upcoming pseudoelection, which is making the media so much money in expensive attack ads of men, as if it has nothing to do with this. Get journalists and reporters to fess up that this story has been ignored and censored for almost 20 years, is critical to sustaining the Planet and they have a moral and ethical responsibility to cover it in the great depth it deserves.

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? In addition to contacting all the above (and especially Oprah, Gloria Stei nem, and other others listed above) to cover the story,
Call into talk shows about this,
put a story about it on Indymedia
share it with others by email and on blogs
Hold and organize pots and pans protests/Cacerolazos and candlelight vigils at a corporate media office, owned by Corporate Patriarchal Media CEOs , near you, carrying signs that say "Not just men, but women must co-own and co-run the media" "US ranks 78th in representation of women and it's media's fault for not covering success stories in other countries for 20 years." and "Give the public back money you made on election ads. Free media for free, publically funded elections for shes and hes"
And make your own internet based radio and utube tapes about it. Here are a few of democracy's and women's biggest coopters, invisiblizers and grown-up problem chlidren for you to confront, hold responsible and accountable, and protest and transform from the Truth-Hiding, Lying Devils they have become back to Human Beings with some sort of Conscience:

Here are pictures from our Sacred Pots and Pans Protest (see above) held at Big Media Offices and nearby Earth, in and around Washington DC, announcing the beginning of gender balanced government especially including the Fourth Branch, Media.:
Leslie Moonves
President and Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters: New York, NY
The CBS Building in New York City, also known as Black Rock, is the headquarters of CBS Corporation.
It is located at 51 West 52nd Street, at the corner of Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas)
In 2011, Leslie Moonves received $69,900,677 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011. Leslie Moonves made 2,053 times the average worker's pay, many times that the average woman's pay, and many times that the unpaid/uncredited work of mothers, female caretakers, and unpaid/uncreditted women activists for peace and protection of the environment, getting rich inducing politicians to forego publically funded elections, and hiding almost all news of women's progress in representation in other countries for almost 20 years. His second wife, a so-called journalist who likely has never said one word about the fact that her husband's Network is censoring the most essential information needed to preserve the Planet, Julie Chen of CBS, hosts "Big Brother" How appropriate!
1555 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
215-977-5333 (News)
215-233-3333 (Tips Only)
800-223-8477 (Toll-free)
215-977-5658 Fax

CBS in Washington DC
2020 M Street
Washington DC
202) 457-4321
Again, the media office of Moonves' patriarchal hierarchy is at 2020 M Street. Only if the US and other governments produce the 5050 that should be retroactive to the Millennial Year 2000, and redo and postpone elections that fail to offer gender 5050 will humanity still be around in 2020 in a peaceful, sustainable world. If not, we on Earth will all be dead from the mistake by the year 2020, or at best, have 2020 hindsight that is too late to stop the cascading avalanche of catastrophes, that our lack of 2020 foresight in the years 2000, 2004, 2008, let alone 2012, without gender 50-50 in the world's most influential country and all countries, have caused. Instead, be the Media until we can take back the Media, and send Arks Declarations and Files to every corner of the US and the entire Earth.

ABC, owned by Disney
Robert A. Iger, President and Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters: Burbank, CA
550 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California, 91521, Burbank, California, 94710
In 2011, Robert A. Iger received $33,434,398 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011, Robert A. Iger made 982 times the average worker's pay. and many times that the average woman's pay, and many times more than the unpaid/uncredited work of mothers, female caretakers, and unpaid/uncreditted women activists for peace and protection of the environment.
The Philadelphia Office of ABC is
4100 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
The Washington DC area office of ABC is
1100 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22209
Owns CNN
appears not to be married
c/o Office of the Corporate Secretary
Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters: New York, NY
Industry: Communications
In 2011, Jeffrey L. Bewkes received $25,938,721 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011. Jeffrey L. Bewkes made 762 times the average worker's pay, and many times that the average woman's pay, and many times more than the unpaid/uncredited work of mothers, female caretakers, and unpaid/uncreditted women activists for peace and protection of the environment.
CNN in Washington DC is located at:
820 1st Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002
(202) 898-7900
Time Warner Cable In Philadelphia is at
(215) 581-6700
1700 N 49th St, Philadelphia, PA 19131

NBC Universal owned by Comcast and General Electric
Stephen B. Burke
Chief Executive Officer, NBCUniversal and
Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 665-1700
Stephen B. "Steve" Burke (born August 14, 1958) is Executive Vice President of Comcast and ... He lives in Philadelphia with his wife (does she really face up to the democracy destroying earth endangering censorship/women marginalization her husband's network has been doing?) and children

Also NBC
Brian L. Roberts
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 665-1700
Industry: Communications
In 2011, Brian L. Roberts received $26,934,077 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011. Brian L. Roberts made 791 times the average worker's pay, and many times that the average woman's pay, and many times more than the unpaid/uncredited work of mothers, female caretakers, and unpaid/uncreditted women activists for peace and protection of the environment.
210 54th Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101-5923. (718) 482-8310
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Phone: 212-664-4444
Fax: 212-664-4085

Genera Electric CEO Jeff Immelt in 2011 received $21,581,228 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $34,053 in 2011. Jeffrey R. Immelt made 634 times the average worker's pay.
General Electric NBC Universal headquarters in New York is at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Rockefeller Center, Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown Manhattan,
NBC Headquarters in Washington DC is at 4001 Nebraska Avenue Northwest
(202) 885-4111
Owns Fox TV and Wall Street Journal and other International NewsPapers
Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
7.6 Billion Net worth
Natalie Bancroft Director (what kind of a tokenized coopted woman let's this network go for decades with no reporting on women's representation in the US compared to other countries?
News Corporation 1211 Avenue of Americas New York, New York 10036. Phone: 212-852-7000.
News Corporation, Government Relations Office 444 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 740 Washington, DC 20001. Phone: 202-824-6500
Fox TV in Philedelphia is at
330 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 925-2929

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